My formal training is in academic philosophy and makeup artistry, though I've also completed courses in graphic design and cake decorating, and have worked as a copywriter, educator, digital marketer and academic for most of my career. Academic precarity means I've also relied on work in hospitality and similar industries to stay afloat.

I enjoy honing new skills, and examples of my photography are strewn across this website. Below you'll find links to more of my labour-of-love projects.

Growing disillusioned with the narrowing barriers of academic philosophy, I founded the australasian posthumanities in 2020 as a digital thinking space against colonial capitalism. I run talks with thinkers and creatives, turning them into podcasts on Spotify. We also run a reading group in the posthumanities which you can join here.

I sometimes create short recordings of my process as an organ-player, listening to my environment and improvising in unison with backyard birds, passing trains and other ambient sounds towards the refrain.

My most recent literary success is having the creative non-fiction piece, half-gallon quarter-acre pavlova pretext, shortlisted in Landfall magazine's 2020 essay competition. You can read some of my older writing here. I'm currently writing on George Grey, colonialism, gender, mythology, and the posthumanities, while submitting work to journals.