Whether you're feeling stuck in a rut, want to improve your critical thinking skills, or expand your intellectual wellbeing, Dr Elese Dowden can help. Book your free introductory consult here, or keep reading to learn more.

What is philosophy coaching?

Elese offers tailored 1-on-1 coaching for people from around the world with her uniquely adaptable, affirming and inclusive pedagogical style. Having taught students across Aotearoa and Australia in everything from existentialism, to cake decorating, to the scientific method, to swimming, right through to VCE philosophy, Elese gathers a unique set of knowledges gained through her own unusual working-class journeys across life and academia. She prides herself on her unconventional approach, and welcomes new students from all backgrounds. Most sessions are held via Zoom, but if you're nearby, in-person sessions may also be an option.

How does philosophy coaching work?

Every session is fine-tuned to your individual needs. Elese will work with you to critically examine underlying habits and beliefs, guided by theory and philosophy. Your learning will be facilitated through a range of medias and activities. If you'd like to learn about feminist phenomenology or anti-humanism, for example, Elese will hunt down the appropriate resources for your learning style [ie YouTube videos, podcasts, poems, TV series, journal articles], and equip you with an understanding in language you can understand. If you're working on a creative or business project, and need guidance or inspiration, Elese will work through barriers to help you figure out your next best steps.

How much does philosophy coaching cost?

Elese isn't a psychologist, financial advisor, or lawyer, but serious philosophy coaching requires a similar amount of time, dedication and skill. At the same time, Elese understands how limited time and financial constraints can impact access. That's why she offers fees on a sliding scale, roughly between $90 - $190 AUD per hour. You can also opt to sponsor a coaching spot for someone else - be that a friend, family member, or an utterly anonymous acquaintance.

A small percent of your fee also goes to Pay the Rent, because Australia is founded on land stolen from Indigenous peoples, and the wealth generated by that theft remains unfairly distributed.

I'm interested... what happens next?

To talk more with Elese about how she can cater to your specific needs, book your FREE introductory consultation via Zoom today. There's no obligation to book beyond this, so at worst, you'll have an interesting chat with a doctor of philosophy, and at best, you'll begin a life-changing adventure improving your critical thinking and intellectual wellbeing. If you like the odds, click here to get started.