• This post is awesome and I can not agree more about having values and ethics. Make up lovers in general annoy me when they still buy products like lime crime knowing full well who’s behind it.

    • Thank you Analesha! YES it’s so irresponsible hey, especially when we have so many people reading and being influenced by our writing and reccomendations. xx

  • I get sick of getting emails asking me to promote weight loss tea or clothing that doesn’t even come in my size.

  • Those random emails from China are so annoying! I just hit delete as soon as it arrives.
    I also hate when PR companies dictate their terms & conditions before sending a free product. Like really? So I absolutely have to post about it? What if I hate the product? There’s PR companies I dont work with because of this obligation.
    & hey! Great post 😉

    • I’m glad you enjoyed! Yeah some dodgy stuff happening with terms and conditions sometimes hey!

  • Amy

    Agree with all your points. I’ve lost the will to blog at the moment for these reasons and a few more. It’s hard not to get irritated by it all at times! X

    • Yes, definitely! I’m just getting back into it after being away from it for a while. Lots of little frustrations! x