Sunday Shop Talk #2

I promised I was gonna Do The Thing and here I am, delivering. I’m like a mail-lady but for good things on the internet. Or something. Anyway, this week was a little weird, mostly because I’m still coming down off those antidepressants and my moods are a lil all over the show. I also have this weird carbonated lag feeling in my body as a side-effect of coming off them, like my internet is VERY 2001 and I’m trying to play Call of Duty (except the modern warfare part is me trying to run errands around Brisbane).

??? painting like a fiend at the mo

Monday I went to see the ol’ doctor to get my yearly dermatology referral. If you’ve never had your skin checked, go do it ASAP. Your GP can have a gander at all your freckles and moles and tell you if any look dodgy, then they refer you to the dermatologist. I like my dermatologist cos he likes Albert Camus and has all these still life paintings he’s done himself in his office. He hums while he does the examining part, which I like.

Speaking of MUSIC, did you read the new JT album review on Pitchfork? A very snide, juicy little number, littered with gems like ‘there’s no refuge from the lyrics, which in many places engender the same mix of emotions you’d confront upon walking in on your parents having sex.’ Am I reviewing an album review now? Meta.

aperol spritz in the paddling pool

I also really enjoyed watching this lil Youtube Video with Jacob Collier and HERBIE HANCOCK. I love Herbie Hancock, and the little duet at the end is a marvellous treat. The discovery of that video came out of a long & winding internet black hole that started with this article where the people at Vulture interviewed Quincy Jones. I wish all interviews were this honest (he tells us who killed JFK??!!) and also I like Quincy even more since discovering he’s a Pisces too.

On the funnier side of sound, The Onion’s got a new podcast which sounds kind of S-Town-esque, so if you’re into Making a Murderer-style podcasts, give the satirical A Very Fatal Murder a listen. It’s on Spotify too so it’s easy as to access. ALSO Kiss This Guy, a database of misheard song lyrics. A++. While we’re talking about music, every month I make a lil mixtape so I have a living record of what each month sounded like. February’s still developing, but you can indulge me if you like by listening to January here.

Aside from the lil links, Rach & I had a wonderful day together painting in the paddling pool for her birthday. I love this lady. It’s been an exciting week, and Laneway was last night so I anticipate that you’ll hear all about it next week.

What do you reckon? Did you go to Laneway? Link me your own links and tell me about your week in the comments xx

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