Sunday Shop Talk #1

BUENAS DIAS, AMIGO. In an effort to blog more, and out of love for Sunday roundup posts, I’ve decided to start an ongoing series of my own. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and after reading Joy the Baker’s Let it Be Sunday this morning on Feedly, I decided to GET AMONGST.

This week was OK, as far as weeks go. I’ve been weaning myself off my antidepressants (don’t worry, my psych is on board), and this article got me thinking. Talking to my friend about mental health also got me thinking – as long as we’re not hazards to ourselves, is feeling emotional extremes such a bad thing? I guess the problem with depression and/or mania is that yeah, it’s pretty shite, but I mean also, maybe we should just lowkey be OK with feeling some feels. I don’t know. What do you reckon?

I went to the Invasion Day rally in Brissy with my man and some of my faves including Sam, who makes Gold Panda-esque tunes which you can listen to on Spotify. Also in attendance were two of my buddies in Doxa who also make a+ tunes, and play a lotta shows around Brisvegas if you’re a show-goer. Back to Invasion Day though – good vibes and a huge turnout (apparently 10k of us!). Australia is pretty fucked in terms of colonisation, so it’s important that everyone gets in there and yells about it until things change. On that note, if ya feminism isn’t intersectional then you can crawl back into your womyn cave and cuddle your Taylor Swift albums & watch Charmed  until you have watched this video.

I went to see quite a few films in the last week or so – I, Tonya on Thursday, The Shape of Water on a date night with Scott, and then Call Me By Your Name with Rach. I LOVED Call Me By Your Name, predictably, as it was a bit of a masterpiece and made me want to just eat soft-boiled eggs forever. All three were fairly good, go see ’em if you have the time/means.

This month I’ve been obSESSED with aliens and UFOs and have been watching way too much Ancient Aliens for my own good. I’ve even started dreaming about aliens and it really is getting out of hand. This article on the way UFO reports have changed over the years is v interesting, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Photo by Adam Klekotka

When Scott & I were in St Catherines we visited Niagara Falls, and that’s the closest I’ve come to the very alien American landscape. Adam Klekotka got in and photographed the falls in winter recently, where it was nearly colder than a crater on Mars. The photos are incredible, and he reckons his hands were frostbitten when he was taking the shots.

In my other internet travels I found this Ina Garten (god bless her) recipe for onion dip, which she reportedly serves at the superbowl every year. I’m gonna see how it stacks up against classic kiwi onion dip on Monday when Scott and I watch the superbowl. Neither of us are particularly interested in NFL but we are VERY interested in onion dip, so perhaps I will blog it.

On the subject of my man Scott H Sweetman, it’s a year since we first got messaging on Tinder. I didn’t know it was possible to love someone like time didn’t exist, but here we are. He brings me cups of coffee in bed, helps me paint my nails and makes me laugh at least ten times a day. He’s my best friend and my biggest suppporter. I did a post on modern romance back in 2015, and I reckon I learned something from talking to all those bloggers ’bout it.

If you are in the mood to learn something about love, watch this Freudian-af video about why we pick difficult partners. A++. For even more effective Freuding, watch it with your partner and then watch ’em get squirmy when you bring up the Oedipus complex. Anyways, I’m gonna go watch the rest of the NHL with my boy.

I hope this Sunday Shop Talk post brought you some joy – let me know what you thought, and leave your own interesting links in the comments! xoxo

Hi! I'm Elese, a blogger/philosopher/dubious advice-giver/PhD student/MUA/designer lady based in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Alex Falk

    Nice article Elese, I like having a snap shot into your week. When you find time watch The Ascent of Women. It can be inspiring but also a little depressing. Overall it’s interesting to see how far we have come.

    • I’ll give it a go my darling! Thank you for having a peruse <3