The Outsider’s Guide to New Zealand Fashion Week

It was a bleak day in Auckland when I meandered, sunglasse-d and scarve-d down to the Viaduct Events Centre to meet fellow blogger Amber of Amber in Wonderland to attend the Twenty-Seven Names show, one of the first shows of #NZFW (or for the non-fashion/non-blogger types, New Zealand Fashion Week). It occurred to me while […]

The 21st Century Guide to Giving Fresh Flowers*

Planning on wearing a floral crown at R&V this summer but don’t want to look basic? Want to send your new BFF birthday flowers but don’t want to send the wrong message along with it? Is your ex too young, too dumb to realize that they should have bought you flowers and held your hand? […]

Anastasia Dipbrow vs the Elf Brow Kit

Dear reader – do you have a bunch of old friends – maybe school friends from your formative years – that you don’t see very often, and sometimes you forget how great they are until you have the WILDEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE with them after bumping into them at Westfield and making a date to […]

All the Single Ladies: The Pros & Cons of Being Single

Are you a single lady? A married lady? Or are you somewhere in between on the scale that starts at 5eva alone & ends in 50 years of adorable grandparent monogamy? Inspired by Rhiana of Death to Cardio, this week I’m writing about SINGLE LADY LYF – all the good bits, to remind us how wonderful […]

A Not-So-Neutral Lust List #13: What Would Patsy Stone Do?

This post is inspired by the #BlogGreatness challenge – this week’s theme is NEUTRAL. Now – this is my 150th post on this blog, so I thought I’d do a Lust List for the occasion! One of my favourite fashion icons is Patsy Stone of Absolutely Fabulous. I love Patsy’s style because it’s timeless and […]

Taking Stock: June 2015

Quite a few of my favourite NZ Bloggers have been Taking Stock – the first I saw of this idea was over on Laura’s blog – and I’ve decided to do a little version of my own!  Making awful decisions. Cooking big bowls of quick & easy vegetarian glass noodle soups: stock cube, water, green […]

Not My Type: Boys, Banter and Tinder

Tinder is not a new phenomenon. I’ve used it on and off for the past few months, deleting my account when things got too creepy predictable boring, re-downloading the app every couple of months over wines with friends. My parents urged me to delete Tinder last month when I told them I went on a […]

LUST LIST #12: Superb in Sage

As part of the #BlogGreatness challenge for the first week of May, I’m jumping on board with this sage-themed lust list. The girls over at #BrunchClub work super hard, are AMAZING, and have awesome ideas like this #BlogGreatness challenge – check it out here! 1. Givenchy Sequin Embellished Gown This is SO RIDICULOUS I must […]