MAC Girl About Town v Etude House Lipstick in PK015

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? Are you ready to have your mind a little bit blown? I hope so. Because today, I compared an iconic American lipstick with one from an iconic Korean brand. By jove, do I have a dupe alert for you. I’m comparing two of my faves, MAC Girl About Town (Similar […]

Smashbox Long-Wear Lip Lacquer in After Dark

I have a lot of feelings about this beautiful Smashbox lip lacquer in After Dark, which was gifted to me for my birthday almost exactly a year ago by my brother’s partner, who has the same excellent taste in makeup as I do. I looooove it to death, but it also frustrates me a little […]

OCC Lip Tar in “Ophelia”

One of my favourite violet lip colours of all time is OCC’s Lip Tar in “Hoochie.” I reviewed this a while back, but fell in love with a number of things – namely that it was vegan and cruelty free (so naturally, Ophelia is too), and that it wore for hours and hours without transferring. OCC […]

Rimmel Cover Stick vs Inglot Under Eye Concealer

For a long time now I’ve been searching for the perfect concealer, one that’s not too heavy or greasy, and one that’s not so light so as to fail to do its job completely. This has proven to be a harder task than I first thought, so I thought I’d do a post comparing a […]

#TREATYOSELF 2016: 35 Ways To Be Happier Right Now

We’re two weeks in to the opening of a new year and all of our resolutions are starting to really figure out whether or not they’re going to move and shake their way into your 2016. They’re easy to make – lose weight, save money, get fit – but even easier to give up on. With […]

The Long Read: It’s a love story, baby just swipe right

Dear reader, Love in 2015 is not something that we seem to be as obsessed with as we were in 1996. Maybe it’s my age or maybe it’s because the ratio of f*ckboiz to empowered women is skewed, but I feel like the collective conception of pre-2010 romance was typified by basically every 90s film […]

Reflections on 2015

2015, you are a Rider Waite Death traipsing slowly through my history, sloughing your lines through my skin via forehead and palms. Even though it is only December, your brittle bones have begun to shatter and fall as you ride your white horse into January’s borders. All of February’s fire has smouldered into Summer in […]

My Korean Skincare Routine

Dear reader – this part-beauty blog, part-lifestyle blog, part-nonsensical series of ramblings usually contains pictures of my makeupped face. We all know, however, that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. While I’m not going to go full Rock DJ à la Robbie Williams, I am going to show you my makeup-less face and talk about […]

What Does Having Your Shit Together Really Mean?

Dear reader – do you have your shit together? It’s a question that almost everyone on the 1994-and-before side of Clueless has asked themselves, and one that those on the other side will have to deal with very soon. Is your shit coming along nicely? Are you unsure about its status? Or is your shit […]