Lust List #4: Mean Girls

It is entirely possible that Clueless may be the best film of all time. Mean Girls follows closely in the running, and Gossip Girl is one of my favourite TV shows. I thought it would be somewhat fitting, after finding this Stella & Bow jewelery, that I do a Lust List of my ultimate Mean

Lipstick Collection & Storage

Before Makeup Obsessives, my lipstick collection did not need its own storage. I have no idea how I even came across the page, or when exactly the addiction began. I used to be able to open my bathroom cupboards and not be pelted with Wet N Wild lipsticks. I used to dream about my friends

Lust List and Look: Fresh-Faced Spring Beauty Essentials

Today's post is inspired by Clarity and Ellie over at, who are hosting a Fashion & Beauty Spring Essentials Link Party!  Although it's not Spring in New Zealand (March marked the beginning of Autumn), I've noticed some rather Spring-like beauty trends emerging for both Spring and Autumn beauty in the Autumn/Winter 2014 shows (Diane