March Favourites: The Violet Hour

I've never really had a favourite colour until now, but there's a definite theme running through the veins of this post. All March I've been feeling very violet. For me, violet is the colour of luxury, rebellion, and alchemy, and when I think about it, all of those things seem pretty appealing. The first three of

Article: The Big Bucket Experience

This morning, I got back from the gym, double-shampooed my hair (!), conditioned, and began to apply my war paint. I had decided that today was the day that I would venture forth into the unknown. My hair still wet, I prepared for the journey ahead by equipping myself with keys, phone and card. The

Article: Liebster Award!

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award by three gorgeous beauty bloggers - Cassandra, Natasha and Fatima! Thank you everyone <3 As I understand it, Liebster award is a cute little award that bloggers give to other bloggers to get to know one another. Each blogger nominates more bloggers and we all get to read about

Look: Morgan-Inspired Eyeshadow

It's probably a (very badly) kept secret that Hyacinth Girl is one of my favourite NZ Beauty Blogs. Morgan and Harriet are both great writers, and every time I visit their page, there's some new, quality beauty content for me to devour. Today I'm going to be doing a look inspired by one of their