October in Food

Hey there, stranger. I guess we haven’t seen each other around these parts for some time – life got in the way and I took a lil baby break from blogging for a little while. I have been too busy to be restless lately but now that the semester is winding down I’m finding new ways to waste time creatively.

These are the kinds of thoughts that bring you these few photos from the month in food. Reflecting on my relationship with food, I realised that I’m drawn to food blogs because food, for me, is more than just nourishment. Food tells a story. It brings us together and burrows itself into the cracks of memory, even when we can’t remember what year it was, or whose birthday or which holiday you were celebrating.

I’ve also had some end-of-year burnout and a few other things impacting my mental health, which means I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen. Cooking is a way of fixing something, of taking a few separate components and making them better. So when I need to heal, I cook. Depending on my energy levels, I bring my close friends together, and I cook for them, or I pore over the recipe books and make something for Scott & I.

Earlier in the month I had a few pals round to watch B movies (Hard Ticket to Hawaii or Samurai Cop, anyone?) and play Catan. I roasted up some fennel, pumpkin and capsicum with olive oil and garlic powder and we had a sweet little dinner of warm roasted veges with cheap red wine and good company.

The next morning D & C brought round nothing short of a feast – together we cooked up koftas, haloumi, hash browns, kale, bacon, mushrooms and then pancakes with sauteed apples for a dessert (which we didn’t need by any stretch of the imagination, but which were incredible nonetheless).

The last few days have been rough mentally, and I took a few days off to recouperate. This resulted in back-to-back episodes of Nigella Lawson, hot dogs for lunch with caramelised onion and cheese kranskys, then a beautiful pork belly and mash and a salad from this month’s Bon Appetit magazine. We rounded it off with sticky date cake, caramel sauce and cream for dessert.

Today has been similar in this sense – we had big, spicy bowls of ramen for lunch, and then enormous brioche bun burgers with garlicky, smoky grassfed beef patties. I burned some peanut cookies for dessert (because I tend to burn or oversalt things when I’m sad) but we stood at the kitchen counter and picked the good bits out all the same.

So I guess that’s October – comfort food and friends, and a saltwater beginning to Scorpio season.

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