Blogger Link Up with the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette


The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay is the “get you a man that can do both” of palettes, except while you don’t need a man, you do need this palette. I use this thing almost every day, and I bought it shortly after I started this blog back in March 2014 if that’s anything to go by. Foxy and Tease get the most use, as you can see, but all the shades are so perfect it hurts.


It was a sad day that I dropped my palette on my parent’s tiles but fortunately this thing is so durable that only Blackout had a little bit of a, well, blackout (please just shoot me). I’ve created a soft, subtle yet glamorous look with my Naked 2 palette along with some of my other #NZBloggers pals, and you can see their work in the Link Up at the end of this post! This is a bit of a day-and-night suitable look (just change up your lippy if you like!).


To create this look, I started by washing Foxy (the palest, powdery colour) all over the lid, then blended Chopper (a frosty shadow version of Nars Orgasm) above the crease upwards towards the brow bone almost like a brow highlight. I then took Tease (perfect pale matte brown) and blended it into the crease and up a little towards Chopper.

Next, I blended Busted (darkest metallic brown) over Tease into the crease, focusing around the outer edges of the eyes. Then it was time to blend like you’re shaking a polaroid picture and singing along to Hey Ya with a clean brush till those lines are soft and smooth. Just to amp up the shimmer I took Bootycall (pale shimmer party) for an inner corner highlight, and patted a little more Chopper on into the centre of the lid. What’s good, Kylie? I then took my Clio Kill liquid liner (!!! AMAZE) and got lining, and added mascara and false lashes.


The lipstick is MAC’s Ruby Woo with Driven By Love Prolongwear Lipglass overtop but you could use anything that made you feel a++. I love a classic red lip and I think adding the gloss is a nice take on that classic. But wait – there’s more, folks. There’s a lot more. Because some of my blogger pals have also created looks with their Naked 2 Palettes – click below and check them out!

Have you used the Naked 2 Palette? What’s your favourite way to use it? Do you use it every day? Let me know in the comments!

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