Local & Handmade Etsy Christmas Lust List & GIVEAWAY*


Dear reader – have you had the ‘sick of the Christmas carols in every shop in the local Westfield mall’ talk with anyone yet? Feeling panicked about the shipping cutoffs for the US & Europe? Are you so stressed about Christmas shopping that you’re kind of hoping that the world really is gonna end before the 25th?

It’s that time of year, and while I admit that I want a new MAC Ruby Woo lippy as much as the next blogger, there are a lot of good reasons to #shoplocal this kirihimete. I’ll be looking at Etsy (especially for my presents for my BFFs), and here’s why:

  1. You literally don’t have to leave the house. You can do all your shopping hungover after the end-of-year work ‘do on a Sunday in your PJs from the comfort of your white waffle duvet-ed bed.
  2. Shopping local means less environmental impact. You’re not paying the big shipping costs either, because your parcel is being sent from somewhere like Wellington or Sydney rather than say, Portland, Oregon.
  3. Ethically speaking, you’re in the clear. If you’re catering to your #vegan mates, you’re way more likely to find something not tested on animals, and 90% of the time you’ll literally be able to message whoever made or created the gift you’re buying.
  4. You can support your local economy and your pals at the same time – a few of the beautiful things on this lust list are made by sellers I know or have bought stuff from already. They’re good people and supporting them means they can keep making more cool shit.
  5. No one else is going to buy your BFF the same kawaii handmade decoden iPhone case. Your gift is probably going to be the one of only ones like it in the world – now that’s pretty rad, right?

SO – without further ado, let’s get into what you really came for.


If you’re shopping from New Zealand, you’ve definitely still got time to get amongst and grab some of these v. cute and/or v. rad presents.

  1. Silver Raindrop Stud Earrings by leroybettyandco
    Sparkly things give me life. These are no exception – if you’ve got a pal whose favourite film is Singing in the Rain, or even just a pal who’s as magpie as me, these are [ok sign hand emoji].
  2. Admit None Pin by Oh You Fox
    One for your single friends! This pin is so cute I’m gonna buy for myself if no one buys it for me *cough*.
  3. Kim Kardashian Prayer Candle by Holysaintsclub
    I am stupidly stoked to have found this Auckland-based seller, who also does Harry Styles, Beyoncé, Prince, Bowie, Ryan Gosling and Rihanna candles. There’s even a Donald Trump candle.I can’t even.
  4. Mama/Papa Bear & Baby Bear Hat Combo by louiseandfriends
    If someone you know had a baby this year, this is bang on the money. Louise also does other crafty knitted and crocheted things + FLORAL CROWNS which are perf for festival season in NZ.
  5. TEETH acrylic earrings by theonlyship
    These would be a good joke for someone who just got their wisdom teeth out. Just sayin’. Also they’re under $10 whether you’re in Straya OR New Zealand, so are great for a secret santa (#nzsecretsanta?) present or a stocking filler.


If you’re in Australia, you too have got heaps of time to order something crafty from Etsy.

  1. Raw Ruby Stack Ring by houseoflunajewellery
    At $85AUD this one is an impressive pick for someone you want to splurge on, especially if their birthday’s in July as this is their birthstone. Plus, giving handmade jewellery from an artisan jeweller instead of a mall franchise is just that extra mile more thoughtful.
  2. Ab Fab Mug by ExGirlfriendsCards
    GodDAMN this is cool. Whether they’re a Patsy or an Edina, any die-hard fan of Absolutely Fabulous would be stoked with this. ExGirlfriendsCards also does Kanye, George Costanza, Bill Murray, Drake and Larry David mugs, cards and shirts too if you have other fans in your life who appreciate a little pop culture with their christmas.
  3. Vintage Flower Temporary Tattoos by pepperink
    If you know someone whose parents would kill them if they got a tattoo, but who is dying to get inked, get them these. They can save them up for April Fool’s or just low-key stress out the rellies at the Boxing Day extended family function.
  4. Frosted Baby Pink Velvet Hair Scrunchie by BettieKawaii
    Ugh this is so 80’s & Heathers I can barely cope. Baby pink AND frosted? Yes pls. At $5AUD this is also one for the office secret santa or for your sister’s Christmas stocking.
  5. Avocado Studs by KateAndRoseVintage
    Any young would-be first home buyer considering taking Bernard Salt’s advice will appreciate these avocado earrings. What’s more is that at $14.95 they’re cheaper than most smashed avo & feta on sourdough brunches, and they’ll last you a lot longer too.

I’m gonna do a shameless self-plug and mention too that if you’ve truly left it to the night before, you can always run out to Kmart to grab a frame, then buy and print out my One Banana Two Banana print at home. For more Etsy Christmas ideas, click here!

Good news, too, for those of you who’ve spotted something on these lists for yourselves, because I’ve been lucky enough to collab with Etsy to give away a $100 Etsy gift card! To win, head on over and like my Facebook page and leave a comment on the giveaway post at the top of the page telling me who your favourite local Etsy seller is.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you all <3 See you in 2017!

NB. This is a sponsored post. Any compensation received for the time it took to create helps me to keep my blog running, but does not impact the thoughts or opinions presented on any of the products listed in this post. For more information, read my disclosure statement. #nobullshitblogging

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  • Merry Christmas to you, too, from Barcelona, Spain! 🙂

    • Feliz Navidad Marta!

  • Amy

    I can’t handle Westfeild mall, makes me want to run back to quiet Cardiff every time, it’s busier than an airport haha. I love those avocado studs they look so realistic!

    http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk – Amy x

    • Thanks Amy! They are super cute heh 😀