May Favourites: Return of the Jedi

My May Favourites come to you a little late this time, and in a kind of old faithfuls, return-of-the-good-things vein. I have rediscovered two older faves, enjoyed a new one, and resisted listing slightly more exciting things I've already featured in Monthly Favourites posts. The title of this post suggests that there will be quite a few things

April Favourites: Korean & American Beauty

For me, April marked the discovery of Korean makeup and skincare, and so my favourites were an odd mix of brilliant products from NZ, Korean and American retailers. The first product on my list is probably one that you were expecting. It's the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream, which I picked up from Cutie

March Favourites: The Violet Hour

I've never really had a favourite colour until now, but there's a definite theme running through the veins of this post. All March I've been feeling very violet. For me, violet is the colour of luxury, rebellion, and alchemy, and when I think about it, all of those things seem pretty appealing. The first three of