Blogger Link Up with the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay is the “get you a man that can do both” of palettes, except while you don’t need a man, you do need this palette. I use this thing almost every day, and I bought it shortly after I started this blog back in March 2014 if that’s anything […]

Sarah Jean Easy Application Cruelty-Free False Lashes*

Recently, talking to some other blogger pals, I realised that putting false eyelashes on yourself is still not something that we’re all 100% OK with. Personally, I find them easier to put them on other people, but have put on more pairs of lashes than Taylor Swift has Victoria’s Secret model pals. With this in […]

Step by Step First Date Makeup

Do you remember the last time you had to do first date makeup? As someone who had only been on two first dates in eight years, the prospect of meeting someone new and actually having to impress them with my looks, wit and charm AT THE SAME TIME was not something I was particularly looking […]

David Bowie Look with Kryolan Aqua Colours

I decided to join the hoardes of people that aspire to appear in Google Image Searches of “David Bowie Makeup” recently by painting my beautiful model D’s face in what I’m going to call a Reverse Bowie. She was a very good sport and let me do her hair in a very wild 80s kind of […]

Bridal Skincare Prep & Soft Bridal Makeup Look

My friend C, who is one of the MOST beautiful, is getting married very soon. As you read this, I will likely be embarking upon a HEN’S WEEKEND of snow (!!!) and hot chocolates (!!!) and other exciting Hen’s things. It seems apt then, dear reader, that we have a little chat about bridal hair […]

Gold, Glowy Night-time Makeup Look

The other night, I did a 45 minute make up look that suprised me. I was going out to sober drive the boy (J) from the bar and intended to sit and hang out with some of our friends before I took him home. The look I ended up with was so versatile I think […]

Contouring 101 (Part Two)

Maybe we should start calling this the Khontour. There is a party on my face. Obvs Kim Kardashian is invited, and all her family too. In Part One of Contouring 101, we learned about applying contouring powders (bronzer and highlighting powder) to trick everyone into thinking you’ve been getting your 5+ a day. In Part […]

Contouring 101 (Part One)

There are two different types of contouring in this world: Kim Kardashian contouring and Lauren Conrad contouring. We explored this a little in these two posts, but today I’d like to weigh in a little on the difference between these two major schools. On Thursday in make up school we practiced natural-looking contouring, which is […]