How to Get Shit Done in 2018

Every billboard, every blog, every Facebook feed is yelling about new year's goals and resolutions this month, and what strikes me about these kinds of goals is that they're easy to make, and hard AF to keep or to succeed at. As a chronic overachiever, unsolicited two-cents-giver and relentlessly optimistic dickhead, I had to write

On Storytelling

The hanged man came to me in a dream, bent at the knee and bathed in the cold light of the snow moon. It was a Tuesday. Vanilla-scented cigar smoke rose from the halo above his head and I woke suddenly, traipsing blanketed onto the balcony to watch the penumbral lunar eclipse. Here comes death

#SelfLove & Selfies: A Successful Reflection

This story begins with a glamorous anecdote. I was sitting in a bathroom stall in Brixton in September, drunk on #London and half-litre cans of Strongbow and good company, when: lo and behold. The writing on the wall was (quite literally) written in pale blue spray paint on the wall. In a society that relies

Reflections on 2015

2015, you are a Rider Waite Death traipsing slowly through my history, sloughing your lines through my skin via forehead and palms. Even though it is only December, your brittle bones have begun to shatter and fall as you ride your white horse into January’s borders. All of February’s fire has smouldered into Summer in