Halloween Bath Treats from Lush

The two most stressful things about Halloween for me are a) the trick or treaters knocking at the door and b) the copious amount of candy that seems to suddenly appear everywhere. I do not want to talk to you, trick or treaters, and candy – well, I don’t have a lot of time for […]

Giveaway & Review: MAC x Lorde Lipstick in Pure Heroine!

I HAVE A VERY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE: I am hosting my FIRST GIVEAWAY! Recently I had to make an EMERGENCY MAC PURCHASE (!) and thought I’d carpe diem the opportunity to pick up TWO of a certain lipstick colour so I could GIVE ONE AWAY. ARE YOU EXCITED YET?! ARE YOU SICK OF ME TYPING […]

Article & Haul: Korean Skincare Party!

Today, an interesting-looking parcel landed on our doorstep. Jonny was confused by it. I was hugely excited. It was a parcel sent to me by the lovely Abby, who is living in Korea! She sent me a LOT of beautiful samples of Korean skincare, many of which I have been absolutely dying to try out. […]

Bdellium Pink Bambu Brush Set + My Top 3 Brushes

It doesn’t matter if you only put on a bit of foundation and blush every day, or if you’re a full-blown make up artist – there comes a time in every make up addict’s life when they realise that they need a set of brushes. What more could anyone want than PINK BDELLIUM BAMBU BRUSHES? […]

Cutie & Beautie Haul + Lioele Essential Mask Sheet

As you know, I was sent a few samples from Cutie & Beautie and upon trialling them, discovered what might be the best BB cream in the entire world. When I bought the Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream from Cutie & Beautie I also picked up this Lioele Essential Mask Sheet in the Red […]

Haul: Beautyjoint Blushes and Lipsticks!

This morning, a familiarly-packaged parcel landed on my doorstep. It was the baby Beautyjoint haul I’d ordered ten days ago! In this haul, I picked up two of the Wet N Wild lipsticks that I felt were missing from my collection; Cherry Bomb and Vamp it Up, as well as two blushes – the Milani […]

Korean Skincare from BeautyNetKorea

You know how obsessed I’ve been over Korean beauty lately, and today was the day that my parcel arrived from BeautyNetKorea. I was so surpised with the speed at which it arrived – I think I ordered last week and it’s already here despite the 15-30 day shipping guidelines on the website! I picked up […]

Haul and Review: Best Boyfriend Ever Birthday Edition

This morning was a morning just like any other. J got up, showered, put on his collared shirt and kissed me goodbye. The cat pushed his head through the door and miaowed grumpily at me for some time, then gave up and settled down in his favourite corner of our room. I fell back into […]

Popular MAC Lipstick Swatches & Haul

  For my birthday, my boyfriend let me pick some things from the MAC website, and we got them YouShopped across to New Zealand. I got a clear brow set, five lipsticks, and a four pan custom eyeshadow palette. For the same price in New Zealand I probably would have received three or four MAC […]