Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Colour Protection Conditioner*

Dear reader, do you remember those Pantene commercials from the 90s? You know the ones where everyone parades about with hair like liquid silk, longer than their denim and cargo miniskirts? I hadn’t thought about those commercials since the 90s because I decided long ago that having hair even half that good was nearly impossible. So I […]

Fudge Paintbox Purple People and Whiter Shade of Pale*

I know what you’re thinking – purple hair? Again? Haven’t we been over this already? Not quite, ladies and gentlefolk, because this week I was lucky enough to be sent Purple People and Whiter Shade of Pale from the Fudge Paintbox range. The result? Suuuuper mermaid-y, striking hair. In the past I’ve used the Schwarzkopf […]


A few weeks ago I asked you all a Very Important Question. You may remember it – it had to do with my hair. I thought about all your comments and advice, which was much appreciated! Lots of you, like Rosalea and Amber, said to chop it. Some of you, like Judy and Fatima, said […]