Benton Fermentation Essence & Eye Cream

I was exceptionally excited last month when this little parcel arrived on my doorstep. I’d had a pretty rough day but opening a box from Korea changed that pretty quickly, because as many of you know, I’m obsessed with Korean skincare, and in particular, the brand Benton, whose snail bee line I reviewed here. Their snail bee essence and steam cream are my HG essence and moisturiser, but they’ve released a new fermentation range which I was sent to try out!

As pictured above, they sent me a range of my favourite miniatures as well as three full-size products – the shea butter and coconut hand cream, the fermentation eye cream, and the fermentation essence.  Now, the range is called the ‘fermentation range’ because both products contain two key fermented ingredients: galactomyces ferment filtrate and bifida ferment lysate.

Galactomyces ferment filtrate is sometimes known as Pitera, and is a key ingredient in a lot of the SKII products that people rave about. From what I understand, it’s a kind of fermented yeast and a lot of people reckon it’s pretty holy grail. Skin and Tonics does a good breakdown of the hype.

Bifida ferment lysate is a probiotic and is supposed to help your skin in repairing itself. It’s also one of the key (second on the ingredients list, after water) ingredients in the famous Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair, which has also been touted as a kind of miracle product (and is also talked about in the above Skin and Tonics article). Knowing this, I was pretty excited to try both products out.

The essence is pretty liquid-y, and so I use it straight after my toner. I use the eye cream (which is viscous and white) last in the skincare routine, and gave it a good four weeks or so before writing this review to make sure I did thorough testing.

Like most of the Benton stuff, neither of the products have any real scent. Now, my skincare routine is pretty solid. My skin is very good, and while I sometimes have breakouts, the only real issues I have are with pigmentation around my eyes and dark circles.

This makeup-free photo was taken this morning, after 4+ weeks of using the two products from the fermentation range along with my usual snail bee essence and steam cream. While I haven’t noticed much change in the pigmentation around my eyes, the products did make my skin feel really soft and supple. My skin texture overall felt more even, with no oily or dry patches anywhere.

I feel like the skin around my eyes in particular was plumper, and my dark circles did seem to be reduced. I also noticed that my forehead thinking wrinkles were much less pronounced, and my skin was generally just better hydrated and fresh-feeling. If you’ve got problems with hydration especially, these are products you want to try out.

I think that over time as I use the eye cream for longer, the fine lines around my eyes will also be slightly improved as they’ve begun to relax a fair bit in the four weeks since I started using this. I don’t look that tired as often now, and while I think overall my existing Benton products are doing a similar job to the snail bee essence, I would still buy the eye cream. Both the eye cream and the essence seem to be effective enough, but the eye cream stood out in particular.

What do you think, dear reader? Have you tried products with fermented ingredients? Did you notice a difference? Let me know in the comments! 

NB. The items in this post were sent for me for review, which help to keep my blog running, but do not impact the thoughts or opinions presented on any of the products listed in this post. For more information, read my disclosure statement.

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  • Amy

    This sounds like a really interesting product range, I need to get more into Korean skincare. – Amy