Sunday Shop Talk #2

I promised I was gonna Do The Thing and here I am, delivering. I'm like a mail-lady but for good things on the internet. Or something. Anyway, this week was a little weird, mostly because I'm still coming down off those antidepressants and my moods are a lil all over the show. I also have

Sunday Shop Talk #1

BUENAS DIAS, AMIGO. In an effort to blog more, and out of love for Sunday roundup posts, I've decided to start an ongoing series of my own. This is something I've been thinking about for a while, and after reading Joy the Baker's Let it Be Sunday this morning on Feedly, I decided to GET

How to Get Shit Done in 2018

Every billboard, every blog, every Facebook feed is yelling about new year's goals and resolutions this month, and what strikes me about these kinds of goals is that they're easy to make, and hard AF to keep or to succeed at. As a chronic overachiever, unsolicited two-cents-giver and relentlessly optimistic dickhead, I had to write

October in Food

Hey there, stranger. I guess we haven't seen each other around these parts for some time - life got in the way and I took a lil baby break from blogging for a little while. I have been too busy to be restless lately but now that the semester is winding down I'm finding new

Three Things I Hate About Blogging

Dear reader - I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus, because truthfully, I'm a bit sick of the #influencer industry. Don't get me wrong - I love writing (especially about skincare and beauty) and get just as excited about a new MAC lipstick or moisturiser as the next blogger. Unfortunately, there's a lot

On Storytelling

The hanged man came to me in a dream, bent at the knee and bathed in the cold light of the snow moon. It was a Tuesday. Vanilla-scented cigar smoke rose from the halo above his head and I woke suddenly, traipsing blanketed onto the balcony to watch the penumbral lunar eclipse. Here comes death